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Winter sale: Up to 50% off fencing courses for beginners!

Want to try fencing? You can start next week and benefit from the January promotional offer: up to 50% off the standard prices. The Club will provide you with all necessary fencing equipment. Just bring a t-shirt, trainers and track suit bottoms. Sign up on Important: you need to sig.... read more

Christmas break dates: 20 Dec 2014 - 1 Jan 2015

Dear Members,Please note that the last session this year will be on Thursday, 18 December 2014. We'll reopen on Saturday 3 January 2015.I wish you a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!Tim GadaskiClub ManagerLondon Fencing Club.... read more

Christmas Drinks

Hello fencers! I've been talking with some of you and since not everybody could manage to join us for the Christmas Dinner, I decided to book a table in a pub near the restaurant to set up a place where we can all get together later for a drink...or two... or three... (there or elsewhere). The pub is called The Castle (thecastlefarringdon..... read more

Christmas Meal 2014

christmas2014Not only our Club member Pascal Aussignac takes part in the Saturday fencing sessions, he also runs a celebrated chain of Gascon restaurants in West Smithfield. Club Gascon specialises in cuisine from the South West of France. Since opening in 1998, the restaurant has received numerous accolades including one Michelin star.This Christm.... read more

Opinion poll

Dear fencers,Just a quick opinion poll:The coaches are thinking to offer individual lessons in the morning hours, say 7 am - 9 am, assuming that some people might want to have a fencing lesson before going to work. Good idea or bad idea? Would you personally be interested in such a service? Please comment ....... read more

New Fencing Master

new coachI am delighted to announce that Vittorio Bedani, Maestro di Scherma della Citta del Lecco e Lago di Como, has joined the tight-knit team of London Fencing Club coaches. Vittorio teaches all three weapons: sabre, foil and epee, and both hands: left and right! He is happy to work with adults and children; beginners, intermediate, advanced an.... read more

Ten Benefits of Fencing for Children

Fencing is a challenging sport which is great for children who want to try their hand at something a little more unusual in their after-school classes. Learning how to fence will also provide a wide range of different benefits to help keep your child happy and healthy.1. Fencing will keep your child moving: Fencing burns off plenty of energy, so it.... read more

Fencing classes for children in Autumn 2014

During the autumn term 2014 our fencing sessions will continue on Mondays and Thursdays, 5.30 pm - 6.45 pm. Monday sessions are aimed primarily for ages 7-10 and Thursday at 10-13, however this is flexible and we welcome all children to attend both sessions, so they could progress faster. We offer classes for both: begin.... read more

Your Fencing: Analysis and Ranking - updated

ranking_system  Update 14 July 2014:Mixed rankings have been added. New categories included Mixed Epee, Mixed Foil and Mixed Sabre. Mixed fights records can be added in the same way as same sex fights (see below). The system will automatically allocate the record to the correct category.----------------------------------------------------.... read more

Championships 2014 - Results!

results_2014Results of London Fencing Club Championships 2014Date: 5 July 2014Women's foil Veronique Antoinette Cati and VictoriaMen's foil Antoine Jingda William and ChrisWomen's epee Gabrielle (Gingy) RebeccaMen's epee Adeel Kareem Jack and AntonioMen's sabre Paddy Simon Albert and Michel .... read more

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