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Your Fencing: Analysis and Ranking - updated


Update 14 July 2014:
Mixed rankings have been added. New categories included Mixed Epee, Mixed Foil and Mixed Sabre. Mixed fights records can be added in the same way as same sex fights (see below). The system will automatically allocate the record to the correct category.


What is it?
During the drinks after the Club Championships 2013 the foil fencers came up with the suggestion that it'd be good to keep track of the fights happening during the training sessions. Perhaps the results could be arranged into a ranking table where the winners and their efforts would be giving the honours they deserve. Well, I'm pleased to say that now we can have a test drive of a web based system which does just that - and even more.

left handers
Left handers often prove to be tricky opponents...

What will it do?
Hopefully, it'll help you to become a better fencer. It'll do it by

1. Keeping the club record of the results of the fencing bouts and awarding ranking points to the winners.
2. Keeping your personal records of your fencing actions and providing insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

How will this work?

Any time you fence someone counting points, you can suggest that it'll be a ranking fight. Soon after the fight (once you're online) create a record of this fight. To do so, log into your account, click on Ranking and Fights- then on Add New Fight Record. You'll be prompted to select the date and input the score of the fight. Your opponent will receive email asking them to confirm the record, and once it's done the fight will count towards your ranking.

Each fight won equals 1 ranking point. There is also a penalty for not training - each month without a fight (won or lost) will deduct 5 points. The rankings will be constantly updated and could be viewed on the Club Rankings page. Each calendar year the rankings will start afresh. (You can still finish first for 2013!)

You'll also see that for each of the fights you could note down your fencing actions and their effectiveness. For example, you could create records Parry 6 - riposte or Fleche attack on preparation or any other which then will be stored on the system. Try to recall as many of your own actions as you can for each fight, and with the time you'll be able to assess your own arsenal of actions at a glance. We'll also provide a page where you could have a look at some specific aspects of your technique: for example, how good is a particular action against the right or the left hand opponent or whether some of your actions are becoming better or worse with time.

Is it ready for use?
Pretty much so, well, in beta... Next time you fence, try to add details of your fights to your account. If you haven't open the account yet, you can do it using Register tab at the top of the page. Any problems or feedback - please get in touch!

Tim Gadaski

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