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New Fencing Master

new coach

I am delighted to announce that Vittorio Bedani, Maestro di Scherma della Citta del Lecco e Lago di Como, has joined the tight-knit team of London Fencing Club coaches. Vittorio teaches all three weapons: sabre, foil and epee, and both hands: left and right! He is happy to work with adults and children; beginners, intermediate, advanced and super advanced fencers. What ever your previous fencing experience, Vittorio will enrich your technique with some exciting movements of the Italian school.

Vittorio will be available most week evenings and Saturday afternoons. I'd like to encourage you to meet him and book a lesson or two for the individual coaching. As a special promotion all his lessons booked before the end of September will be charged at 50% of the normal members' rate. You can book pre-book lessons for months ahead while paying only £8 instead of £16 per 20 min.

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Tim Gadaski
Club Manager

vittorio bedani fencing master

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